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About PRC, Denmark

PRC is working with:
Technical communication on the highest international level: writing and illustrating user-friendly manuals, video and screencam, translation and consultancy. PRC runs The User-Friendly Manuals Website.

Development and sales of special software for technical communication.

PRC also offers programming in Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) incl. Access, PowerBasic (very advanced Basic) and webdesign. For more information, please go to the homepage in Danish or contact PRC.

B2B market analysis and business partner search - often in collaboration with European partners. Specialities: Top management interviews and desk research.

Company information in short
PRC is a Danish company, founded 1992 by Peter Ring, M.Sc.EE., B.Com. It is a one-man-company using collaboration partners and other free-lancers upon demand.

PRC is creating technical/marketing oriented communication
  • on the terms of the USERS
  • in order to serve YOUR interests.
PRC's office is located in Skodsborg approx. 16 km (10 miles) North of Copenhagen city.

Webdesign & webmaster:
Peter Ring, PRC