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Marketing information

International marketing information services are often performed in collaboration with parters in other European countries through the Growth International EEIG network.

The main services are:
  • B2B market research: Desk research, interviews (personal, by phone or by letter), conclusions and final report. Speciality: top-management level interviews.
  • Partner search, including customers, agents, vendors and mergers & aquisitions.

Company information:

Peter Ring, 24 May 2003
Peter Ring, M.Sc., B.Com., Man. Dir. for PRC.

PRC was founded in March 1992 by Peter Ring. Peter Ring has an M.Sc. in electronics engineering and a B.Com. in Business organisation & strategic planning. He has worked as a consultant since 1977, primarily with B2B market research, technology transfer and how to write user-friendly manuals. The company has no other employees, but works with free-lancers, when needed.

PRC joined the pan-European consultancy group Growth International E.E.I.G. in 1992. Peter Ring has been a very active in the Danish Marketing Association, where he was member of the counsil, and member of the board (former chairman) of its "B2B Forum". His special area in the Danish Marketing Association was Internet marketing.

Selected references and published reports:

  • Worldwide customer search for a Danish electronics manufacturer, who had invented a new type of electronic components. 2000.

  • PRC made the calculations and wrote the report for a market research study about the use of the Internet with a total of 2800 e-mailed questionnaires. Client: A Danish Internet company. 1999.

  • The Danish and Swedish part of an EU research about liberalisation of the postal sector in Europe. PRC worked as sub-contractors for a German consultancy company, who had the contract with the European Union/DGXIII. 1998.

  • The use of the World Wide Web for Business-to-Business Marketing. A market research in 11 West European countries on the means and effect of b2b marketing using the Internet. Made in collaboration with Yellow Window, Belgium (team leader), Datem, France , and Wavehill Consultants, UK, all members of Growth International EEIG. For further information, click here.

  • Euromanagement II: Client: EU/DGXXIII 1993-94. Project management. PRC's role: Project management group, supervisor for the Nordic countries and Germany. In collaboration with Yellow Window, Belgium and a French partner.

  • CRAFT: Client: EU/DGXII 1993-94. Project management. PRC's role: Project management group, supervisor for the Nordic countries and Germany. In collaboration with Yellow Window, Belgium.

  • Finding wholesalers in Denmark an later on Sweden, Norway and Finland for a Belgian postcard printer. 1994-96.

  • Euromanagement I: Client: EU/DGXXIII 1992-93. Audit of the results of the programme. PRC's role: Personal and telephone interviews with managers in small and medium sized companies in Denmark and Greece. The project was headed by Yellow Window, Belgium and included most Growth International members. PRC did the work in Greece because the Greek member was disqualified.

Examples of work done by Peter Ring when working for DTO (the Danish Technical Information Service):
  • "The needs for quality control at Danish pressure diecasters and other sub-contractors" 1990 (in Danish). Client: 5 diecasters and the Danish Technology Agency. Included interviews with 10 leading European industrial groups (e.g., Ford UK, IBM, British Aerospace, Bang & Olufsen and Siemens) on their views on quality control, quality management and ISO 9000.

  • "Surface mounting of leadless components" 1989 (in Danish). Peter Ring headed a study tour to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan with 19 participants from the Danish electronics industry and related institutes, and he edited the final report. The project was sponsored by the Danish Technology Agency.

  • "VVS 92 - The future of the Danish heating and plumbing industry the next 5-10 years" 1988 (in Danish). Client: The Danish Heating and Plumbing Industry Assn. and the Danish Technology Agency. Included 20 personal interviews with Danish manufacturers, plumbers and experts and 5 telephone interviews with foreign manufacturers and institutes. The report was bought by many plumbers, and had a significant influence on the development of the Danish heating and plumbing industry and the plumbing companies.

  • "The Far East - Threat and inspiration for small Danish companies in the metal-, woodworking and furniture industry". Peter Ring planned and headed a study tour to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan with 13 participants from the related Danish industries and their organisations, and he edited the final report. The client was the Danish Association for Crafts and Smaller Industries, and the project was sponsored by the Danish Technology Agency.

  • Denmark-Scotland project. A "pre-SPRINT" action (EC/DG XIII 1985-87) between DTO (The Danish Technical Information Service) and SDA (The Scottish Development Agency, Ian Traill). I was the Danish partner in the 2nd SPRINT project ever (before it was called SPRINT). The activity included finding interested SMEs, contact with the SMEs, partner search, arranging technology transfer days, and follow up on the contacts between Scottish and Danish companies.

  • "The future of optics 1984-90 - A survey over the optical technologies, their applications and expected future", 1983-84 (in Danish). Client: The Danish Optical Institute and Danish Technology Agency. This report was part the strategic planning for the Danish Optical Institute, where Peter Ring was the external consultant. The result was a growth of 160 % in one year and the forming of the Danish Optical Society (DOPS).