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Peter Ring, PRC, has been programming since 1961, where he learned machine coding for DASK, a huge water cooled vacuum tube based computer with 10k RAM, 18,000 instructions/second, and 5-hole telex papertape in- and output!

Since then he has written a large number of programmes in various programming languages, mainly for internal or private use for example utilities, games, databases, - and even a simple word-processor in Basic.

Today PRC offers the following programmes to the public:

Programme &
Platform Short description
PQM 3.0 Windows 95/NT3 and higher Programme assisting you in writing user-friendly manuals.
  • Electronic 'User map': target group analysis.
  • TOC templates.
  • Rules for writing user-friendly manuals.
  • Usability testing tools.
AlarmClock Windows 95/NT3 and higher A smart, easy-to-use alarm clock application with online help and help video. Bi-lingual English/Danish. Freeware.
HTMLCleanUp 1.1 Windows 95/NT3 and higher The webmaster's best friend. Shareware.
  • Clean up typical link, etc. errors.
  • Make global search & replace of a string in your entire website.
  • Includes an HTML text editor with a browser.
TrimTxT 1.0 Windows 3.1x, 95, NT3 and higher From text in the clipboard or a textfile, TrimTxT removes all the irritating CR-LF (NewLines) and e-mail answer prestrings (e.g. >) inside paragraphs, converts HTML to normal text, and converts codes like"=FC" in e-mail. Shareware.
Lottery 1.01 DOS and Windows with DOS Draws lotteries. Shareware.

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