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If inside the European Union (EU) excl. Denmark, and no valid VAT number is entered, 25% Danish VAT (moms) will be added. To Denmark, moms is always added.
If outside EU, no VAT is added.

Delivery: *
By download and e-mail. Fast and no CD-ROM costs.
By mail on one CD-ROM with one or many license numbers. Set-up instructions are included. CD-ROM manufacturing and sending costs DKK 75 (approx. Euro 10 or US$ 12) are added. Delivery takes up to some weeks depending of which country it is to be send to, and custom handling. Typical sending times: Western Europe: 2-4 workdays. USA/Canada/Australia: 4-10 workdays. Please indicate in "Comments" if it is necessary to use registered mail.

Licences ordered and price calculation:
Price EURO
HTMLCleanup 1.1 licenses
TrimText 1.0 licenses
Lottery 1.02 licenses
Sending costs


% Danish VAT (moms)

Total incl. VAT in EUR (Euro)

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Payment: *
By credit card via Paypal – one of the Worlds largest Internet payment services. PayPal accepts for example Mastercard/Eurocard/Maestro, Visa, Amex, Discover and eCheck.
I'm sending a bank check in Euro (EUR). Please note, that a 1st class = "A" letter to Denmark from industrialised countries typically takes 2-5 days.
By bank transfer. Please e-mail me bank transfer information. Please note, that a bank transfer typically takes 2-5 days.
By cash-on-delivery (COD). Possible to your country (according to "Post Danmark"): 


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