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PRC AcosHelp Order Form

If you have problems with or comments to this form, please contact PRC.

Customer: * marked fields are obligatory
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EU ex DK: VAT No.
If inside the European Union (EU) excl. Denmark, and no valid VAT number is entered, 25% Danish VAT (moms) will be added. To Denmark, moms is always added.
If outside EU, no VAT is added.

Delivery: *
By download and e-mail. Fast and no CD-ROM costs.
  1. Click here to download the zipped AcosHelp programme packages. You can make a 100% test for free.

  2. On the PC of the user of AcosHelp Manager: Unpack the to any (temporary) directory. Then run setup.exe to install AcosHelp Manager. Follow the instructions on the screen.

  3. On the PC of each application user: Unpack the to any (temporary) directory. THEN run setup.exe to install AcosHelp Handler. Follow the instructions on the screen.

    Alternatively: Follow the instructions in the manual (AcosHelp Manager.pdf) section 10.2 for including the installation in the installation of your own applications.

  4. Fill in this form and – unless you selected Cash-On-Delivery (COD) payment – pay the amount calculated, see Payment below.

  5. When we have registered your payment, we send you your license code by e-mail. We also send you a legal "Paid" marked invoice by regular mail. If you selected COD payment, you will receive a COD-letter with the license code and a "Paid" marked invoice.

  6. The first time you open AcosHelp after receiving your license code, enter your license number when asked for it.

By mail on one CD-ROM with one or many license numbers. Set-up instructions are included. CD-ROM manufacturing and sending costs Euro 10 (approx. US$ 11) are added. Typical delivery times: Western Europe: 2-4 workdays. USA/Canada/Australia: 4-10 workdays. Rest of the world: Up to some weeks. Please indicate in "Comments" if it is necessary to use registered mail.

Licenses ordered and price calculation
Price EUR
AcosHelp license(s)
Progressive discount for > 3 licenses/order:
Sending costs


% Danish VAT (moms)

Total incl. VAT in EUR (Euro)

This is equivalent to approx. 
Click here for information about Denmark and the Euro.
Exchange rates from Financial Times on-line:

Click here for a more up-to-date rates currency calculator in a new browser window. Look for 'Denmark Kroner'.

Payment: *
By credit card via Paypal – one of the Worlds largest Internet payment services. PayPal accepts for example Mastercard/Eurocard/Maestro, Visa, Amex, Discover and eCheck.
I'm sending a bank check in Euro (EUR) or DKK (Danish kroner). Please note, that a 1st class = "A" letter to Denmark from industrialised countries typically takes 2-5 days.
By bank transfer. Please e-mail me bank transfer information. Please note, that a bank transfer typically takes 2-5 days.
By cash-on-delivery (COD).


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