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CV for Peter Ring, PRC, Denmark

Peter Ring, 24 May 2003
Peter Ring - the founder and manager of PRC - Peter Ring Consultants.

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Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1940 - Aries. Danish citizen. Click here to read my client-friendly retirement plans.

Formal Education:

1964: M.Sc. in electronic engineering from The Danish Technical University, Copenhagen.
1982: B.Com. (Danish: HD) in organisation/strategic planning from The Copenhagen Business School.

Professional Career:  

1992-: Founded PRC in March 1992. Started development of the PQM system in May 1993 (now the "PQM 3.0 Planned Quality of Manuals" programme). Internet user from December 1994 and first PRC website in June 1995. Started developing AcosHelp in December 2001.
1990-1991:  Aarup Management: Ultra high-tech technology transfer from U.K. to Denmark.
1977-1990:  DTO: Senior consultant. On-line search development. Consultancy on technology transfer and industrial (business-to-business = B2B) market analysis. DTO's ESOMAR member. Project on ISO 9000. 
1972-1977:  Radiometer A/S: Documentation manager. Learned to write manuals. Development of "the user-friendly manual". 
1964-1972:  R&D work (electronics). The last 4 years with Radiometer A/S, Copenhagen (electromedical equipment, etc.). 

Other major positions:
2003 Judge in STC 's (Society for Technical Communication, USA) Trans European Technical Communications Competition 2003. See the certificate.
1995-1997: Danish Engineering Society: member of the occupational hazard committee.
1985-2000: Danish Marketing Association: board member of B2B Forum (chairman 1990-92). Council member 1992-2000.
1985-1989: Danish Optical Society: founding member and active substitute member of the board.
1984-1988: Danish natl. rep. for EVAF (The International Assn. for Business Research and Corporate Development.)
1974-1978:  Member of the board, Copenhagen Basketball Assn. 
1964-1965:  President: Helion Film a.m.b.a.

Teaching how to write user-friendly manuals for:
  • The Danish Marketing Association 1998-99.
  • The Danish Engineering Society - Education (DIEU) 1993-1997.
  • The Copenhagen Business School, Institute for English 1997.
  • Danish companies (in-house training).
5 = Fluent. 1 = A little. 0 = No.
Language Speaking Reading Writing
Danish (mother tongue) 5 5 5
English 5 5 5
Swedish 4 5 1
Norwegian 4 5 1
German 3 4 1
French 2 3 1
Spanish 1 1 0

Computer programming experience:
I started programming in 1960 with a university course on machine coding of DASK - a huge water cooled vacuum-tube based monster with 10k RAM and 5-hole telex-tape in-/output! In '64 it became GIER-ALGOL programmes for the transistor based GIER computer, where the communication was papertape via a 10 char/s Teletype. Huuh, it was fast! Later on I programmed in BASIC and FORTRAN, and for programmable calculators from HP and TI. In '88 I got my first real home computer, a NewBrain with 96k RAM, for which I wrote programmes in BASIC and PASCAL: games, utilities, a budget programme, and a word processor. Next step was an Amiga 500, where I wrote more games, utilities, and a database programme. Now I'm using PCs and I'm writing programmes in mainly MS Visual Basic 6 Pro, and databases and large macros in MS Access and Visual Basic for Applications and PHP/MySQL. An example of a public available programme is AcosHelp written in Visual Basic 6 Pro and PowerBasic for Windows.

yachting, tennis, bridge, computer programming, travelling, painting and writing texts for occasional songs.