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PQM 3.0 Planned Quality of Manuals

PQM 3.0 Planned Quality of Manuals is an "expert system" programme used by technical writers and communicators for making user-friendly manuals. It works with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT3, NT4, 2000 (incl. Pro) and XE.

In short, PQM 3.0 is the tool for making an optimal macro- and micro-structure of the manual. You then fill-in the content, and usability testing ensures, that the details are correct.

If you are...

  • a beginner in technical communication, it's a must! It helps you avoiding a lot of classical errors, and it makes you much more productive from day one!
  • an experienced professional technical communicator, it will increase your productivity, make it easier to communicate with your managers and the R&D people, -- and most likely you will avoid some classical errors!
  • working with usability testing , PQM 3.0 helps you writing the report and -- if you use video -- finding the interesting sequences on the tape very quickly.
  • a freelancer, it will in addition be a great help in the communication with your clients.
The intuitive graphical interface and the extensive on-line help make PQM 3.0 very easy to learn. PQM 3.0 will be a great help to you from the first project.

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