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Lottery 1.01

Lottery 1.01 is a DOS programme drawing lotteries. Lottery 1.01 features:

  • draws lotteries with up to 1,000,000 lots and 16,383 prizes.
  • all prizes may be displayed on the pc screen one-by-one, or 20 per screen.
  • printout to paper of all lottery data and prizes *)
  • can make a ;-separated file of all lottery data, incl. the list of prizes *)
  • allows or prohibits more than one prize per lot.
  • the "seed number" may be entered manually or generated randomly (see "About Lottery 1.01" below).
  • PC demands: 8086/8088 CPU with 640k RAM and 0.3 MB free harddisk - or better. DOS 3.2 or later or most Windows versions.

Click here to download a free workable demo of Lottery 1.01 (53.3 kb). When downloaded ...

  1. Create a directory for the Lottery files, for example c:\programs\lottery.
  2. Move the lot_101.exe file to this directory.
  3. Run lot_101.exe to extract the 3 files: Lottery.exe (the lottery programme), Lottery.ico (lottery.exe's icon), and ReadMe.txt.
  4. Read the instructions in ReadMe.txt.
  5. Start using Lottery 1.01.

*) The free demo includes all features except those marked with *) above. However, in the demo version, max. 4 prizes can be shown in the one-by-one mode.

To upgrade the free demo to the full version, see the instructions included in the free demo.

The price of the full version is DKK 200 = approx. US$ 35. From countries inside the European Union 25% Danish moms (VAT) may apply. Click here for an order form!

The license to Lottery 1.01 includes the rights to use future upgrades of Lottery 1.01. If Lottery 1.01 is successfull there are plans for a Windows version, too.

About Lottery 1.01

Lottery 1.01 is written by Peter Ring, PRC, in PowerBASIC 3.00c.

The draw is made by PowerBASIC's random number generator. At the start of the lottery, the programme uses the PC's internal clock's number of seconds since midnight with all decimals as the random generator seed. This seed number is displayed on the screen. In the full version it may also be printed on paper, and included in the lottery results file together with the total results of the draw. You can enter seed number again to check the draw of the lottery, but the printed list and the file will then warn that the seed number is entered manually. This feature can be used, too, to draw a seed number manually, and then enter it for calculation of the list of winners.

PowerBasic's random number generator has been tested with the generation of 1,000,000,000 consequtive random numbers without showing any cyclic pattern.

Disclaimer: PRC accepts no liabilities of any kind due to the use of Lottery software from PRC.