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Freeware: PRC AlarmClock for Windows

Updated: 14 October 2003 (version 1.0.1)


Image of AlarmClock


PRC AlarmClock is a small and simple - but yet very useful - alarmclock application. It will run on any Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 (incl. Pro), Me and NT 3, 4, XP or later platform. The language can be switched between English and Danish. Other languages may be added if somebody volounteers to make a translation.

AlarmClock uses 240 kB to 2,6 MB space on the hard disk depending on what's already installed on the PC. Add 2.7 to 2.9 MB for each of the two 2-minutes instruction videos (English and Danish):
Video screengrab
Screen-grab from the English instruction video. Click the image to download/watch it.

AlarmClock is intended for use, where you just need a single timed alarm with a short individual message like "Call Joe". The alarm message field content may be copied/pasted by means of Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V.

AlarmClock can make/repeat the alarm every day or on a selected weekday, only.When minimized the time of the alarm is displayed in the Windows Start-button bar.

At the time of the alarm it pops up if minimized and forces itself to the front of the screen. The alarm is indicated by a beep and by flashing time field.

Why AlarmClock?

There are many much more complex programmes like Microsoft Outlook, which can do the same job. But:
  • they are quite complex to insert a simple alarm in, especially a repeated alarm.
  • many places, everybody in the company can read your Outlook alarm events via the network. Do you like that?
AlarmClock is free of charge! But at the start-up -- in average every 15 times -- you've got to click the [Close] button on a "business card" splash window to get to the alarm clock ;-).

Download/update AlarmClock

Download zip'ed file for installation of AlarmClock 1.0.1 (3.67 MB).

No updates available.

Unzipping software

Two examples (there are many others):

  • Link to pkware for downloading the PKZIP shareware (DOS, Windows, OS/2) for conversion of the compressed zip-files to normal files (or vice versa).
  • Winzip (shareware) from Nico Mak Computing Inc. May be downloaded from and many other sources. Very user-friendly: integrates with Windows FileManager (Win 3.x) and Windows Explorer (Win 95+). May be combined withthe original PKZIP, ARJ, LHA and/or ARC software for even better performance.


  1. Unzip the files to a temporary directory and run the setup file (setup.exe).
  2. Then follow the on-screen instructions.
To avoid alarms from being forgotten we strongly advise you to let AlarmClock start automatically with Windows: To make a shortcut to AlarmClock in the Windows Start folder (names for buttons and folders below is for an English language Windows):
  1. RIGHT-click (secondary mouse button) the Windows [Start] button (normally in the lower left corner of the screen).
  2. Select the floating menu "Open". This opens a window with icons.
  3. Open the folder "Programmes". This opens a window with more icons.
  4. Select the folder "Start". This opens the Windows "Start" window with the icons of the applications launched at the start of Windows.
  5. Insert the shortcut the usual way: Right-click the window, select "New" > "Shortcut" and follow the instructions.

Version list

1.0.1. Released 14 October 2003. Bug in the help system repaired (wrong winhelp.exe version called).
1.0.0. Released 10 December 2001. No known bugs.


PRC AlarmClock is freeware. Use it for example as a gift for a good friend or colleague. You are also allowed to distribute it as much as you like, but you are not permitted to change it or re-engineer it, and you are not permitted to charge more than the distribution costs for it.

The design and functionality is copyright © Peter Ring Consultants (PRC), Denmark 2001. All rights reserved.

If you want a special version of AlarmClock advertising for your company, please contact PRC .

See the AlarmClock Help file for complete legal information.

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